Salvadoran cupcakes (recipe)

The Salvadoran pastries or Salvadoran cakes are one of the most consumed dishes in our country. They can be found in almost any town at a very affordable price, but also can be developed at home in a way quite easy and quick, without spending a lot of money.

Salvadoran cupcakes (recipe)

How to make Salvadoran pastries?

First it is necessary to prepare the dough, which is obtained from corn (is coce corn, cleaned and leads to the mill to have the mass). Dough with a bit of annato, which gives him an orange color that characterizes them is then flavored. If desired also can add a pinch of baking soda so they are toasted, a pinch of salt, and chicken broth.

For the filling, the Salvadoran meat pastries commonly prepared base of ground beef or frayed meat of chicken, vegetables, or, only vegetables. Is proceeds to chop them vegetables (usually, papa, carrot and guisquil), in addition to prepare the meat ground with seasoning, salt, pepper, broth, onion and garlic chopped.

The meat is coce, and is you adds the vegetables to way of get a combination of them ingredients for the filling of the cake. A time is has the mass and the chopped of the stuffed ready, is comes to prepare them cupcakes, making with it mass a tortilla thin, placing the stuffed in the half of the tortilla, and covering then with it another half of the tortilla of mass, said stuffed. The cake is with a peculiar shape of half circle.

After completing the previous procedure, in a pan with plenty of oil, are placed one by one each cupcake for your cooking, when they are golden (approximately 3 to 5 minutes, depending on the fire), take out, trying to drain lo rather than cumulative oil as possible, and then served.

Traditionally, in El Salvador the pastries are accompanied tanning of cabbage, with according to taste, tomato sauce.

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