Salvadoran Enchiladas

Salvadoran enchiladas are a typical dish of our country, which is extremely easy to prepare at home. While the name “enchilada” may seem rather spicy, actually it isn’t, since these are a small deep fried tortilla chips made with dough and annatto, coloring and flavoring natural, and optionally accompanied by other ingredients.

Salvadoran Enchiladas

To prepare enchiladas makes it first is mass, grinding corn cooked in a mill, although flour can also be used for this purpose. Then add a little annatto to mass and is stirred until it has an orange color. The next step is to form a tortilla with this dough and FRY in hot oil until they are golden. Here they are ready to eat them, but we can give them a better taste or decorate them more.

To give you the different touch, once we have tortillas, beans add you to one side (can be used for those who sell packaged), tanning of chopped cabbage (cabbage, carrot, jalapeno, vinegar). Also they can add slices of cucumber, tomato and boiled egg. Finally, add grated cheese.

With this we have ready some delicious enchiladas salvadoreƱas, which may be accompanied by a fresco of horchata.

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