Sancochados corn

One of the typical foods that always Salvadorans have consumed are the corn. With the arrival of the Spanish in our lands began the cultivation of maize which to this day continues to be an important part in our cuisine. Before harvesting the corn, the clumps of this plant has tender corn, which are used to prepare many dishes and also consume them as sancochados corn.

Sancochados corn

To make corn sancochados, a pot of corn and water gets to the it was until they are boiling, which is cooked and is easy to eat. The corn is sancochan with the tusa covering them, so keep that flavor and odor that characterizes them.

The sancochados corn are usually accompanied by lemon and salt, to emphasize its flavor, also you can add them a little chilli. We can find these corn almost anywhere in its season, which is in the months of the rainy season, from July to October, although in some places they are throughout the year.

The cost of the corn in El Salvador is $0.05 per unit in its season, and $0.25 to $0.50 already sancochados and ready to consume them.

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