The town of Suchitoto is located in the Department of Cuscatlán, approximately 45 kilometers from San Salvador. The name “Suchitoto” comes from the nahuatl and means place of birds and flowers or floral bird place.

Suchitoto, El Salvador

In this great village was where was founded the Villa de San Salvador, which was moved to the site where he is currently in 1545 in 1528. It was during the time of the Pipil, in the pre-Columbian era, when there was the Foundation of such great people, around a thousand years ago. However, despite its ancient past, what most distinguishes this town is its colonial past.

This can be seen in the architecture of certain homes or its main church, which remains standing today. The most prominent of this type of construction are the roofs of the houses and the colorful walls of the houses, which seem to silently tell us the history of this great town. Suchitoto is a combination of styles and variations where the past and the present is in harmony and form its history that both distinguishes this Salvadoran town.

Maybe the largest attraction of Suchitoto its colonial church, created in honor to Saint Lucia. The building represents a real colonial masterpiece.

Another structure that is part of the historic village is the residence of Don Alejandro Cotto. This character is responsible for promoting culture and this is its great importance in the cultural atmosphere of the village. His residence was transformed into an archaeological museum, which today is a popular tourist attraction. All the elements of the residence of Don Alejandro Cotto, from its architectural structure and its gardens to the oldest part of the House, have a very valuable meaning. This is a great way to preserve the culture, that if it weren’t for otherwise, were losing little by little.

Finally, a very important attraction in the town, which makes it more interesting to your visit, is Lake Suchitlán. This Lake is man-made and has crystal clear water, with a thick vegetation and fauna free. Lake Suchitlan is a product of the construction of the Cerron Grande dam and the hydroelectric power plant of the same name. Little by little, Lake Suchitlan has become a powerful ecosystem and great tourist attraction for the lovers of nature in its purest form.

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