Turicentro Atecozol

The tourist Atecozol is well known in Sonsonate, El Salvador by its exquisite perfumes emanating by the majestic trees of balm that surround the entire the respite Center.

Mother nature surrounds all over the place and this causes Atecozol to stay with a very pleasant climate, even in the warmest summers. That is why many Salvadorans fleeing the oppressive heat that is perceived in the cities and reach this destination to relax and have a good family.

Atecozol, Sonsonate

The name “Atecozol” comes from the Nahuatl and means Ausol of the Lord of the waters, because the Atecozol River born flows of lava or teshcal of the volcano of Izalco. It is located half a kilometer to the East of the city of Izalco, a town of great historical and cultural wealth of our ancestors.

In the 1950s, the great poet Salvadoran and precursor to the development of the national Comando Don Raul Contreras, called Atecozol the forest of Balsam and water. This name was given by Don Contreras since Atecozol is located in the heart of the coast of balsam, place which became famous to El Salvador at the time of the colony. During the colony, the balm had many uses and so it was precious. In addition, the aroma that transmits its bark is exquisite. Thousands of domestic and foreign tourists who visit this destination, so confirm.

Atecozol brings together natural beauties such as the breathtaking view of the volcano of Izalco. In addition, here found great artistic works, such as the sculptor Valentín Estrada. Some of the most important sculptures are the monument dedicated to Atonal, chieftain of Acajutla, Cuyancuat, legendary pig-headed serpent, Tlaloc, God of rains, among others. The most significant of these sculptures is that all represent our glorious past of centuries ago. When you visit Atecozol tourists experience, in addition to an inner peace recomfortante, a little about the history of everyone who lives in the land of Cuzcatlán.

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