Ahuachapán (municipality)

The municipality of Ahuachapán is the capital of the Ahuachapán Department and one of the most important cities of the western part of El Salvador. Is located 100 km away from the capital city of San Salvador.

Ahuachapán El Salvador

The climate of this municipality varies between warm to the North and West, where there are many plains and the climate is benevolent for planting cereals; cool and temperate towards the South and to the East of the city of Ahuachapán, which starts a mountain range whose lands are very conducive to the cultivation of coffee.

Ahuachapán has several tourist sites, such as for example the Middle, Laguna el Espino, the ecological park, the Arc de Durán. Within the points of interest in the city, there are Plaza Mayor, consisting of Central Park, known as Park La Concordia, the building of the City Hall, modern structure with an air of “art deco”, reconstructed in the Decade of the 50´s, the Church of “The parish of La Asunción”, beautiful colonial-style building with more than 100 years old , and the new point of the city, the “Pasaje La Concordia”, adjacent to the Church.

The passage was recently rescued and refurbished by the Mayor of the town, being a beautiful pedestrian area with beautiful and colorful [murals], a beautiful light source that will delight families wishing to relax or simply “watching people”, or a delicious Cup of “coffee of height”, grown on nearby farms (export quality), accompanied of a delicious dessert or some typical dishes at any of the small restaurants around. In the passage there is accommodation in the hostel and Cafe Cultural LA CASA DE MAMAPÁN, which is ideal to visit the city on foot or aboard a “torito” – small motor vehicles type taxi that accommodate 2 or 3 people.

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