Turicentro Sihuatehuacán

Every day the cities bring endless pressures for all those who work, responsibilities that seem to never end. Gracias a Dios, El Salvador has created places for the family joy and in the company of mother nature. Sihuatehuacán, that so heavenly place, could not miss in our hop o’ my thumb of America.

The name of this resort comes from the Nahuatl and means city of the priestesses, mediums or sorceresses. Sihuatehuacán is located to the East of the city of Santa Ana and 65 kilometers west of the Capital of San Salvador. This resort is part of the very important chain of Comando having double function in the Salvadoran context: to make us feel good and be relaxed, make us aware of the importance of conserving nature.

Sihuatehuacán has important natural resources, which have served as the basis for the development of an infrastructure and a series of cultural, sports and recreational activities for the service of Salvadoran families. Elements to which this type of resort gives them greater importance are the family and children. In this way, the Comando like this strengthen family ties and the development of children in appropriate environments.

This recreational area provides its services to the public from April 5, 1973. This tourist center has an area of 9.5 acres, of which most have been remodeled to serve people who visit during the new millennium. In addition to swimming pools for children and adults, the tourist center has four tennis courts, skating, installation of playground and general ambience tracks.

These facilities are an approach to mental health which is to instill in our children and youth. In addition, to cultural events, recently it has built an amphitheater with capacity for 2,000 people. Finally, for the people who love the rest, have been installed 10 additional huts, footpaths and picnic areas around the tourist center.

The infrastructure created in Sihuatehuacán, you are contributing to improve the quality of life of the people of El Salvador, in accordance with their environment and natural resources.

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