Visiting Cerro El Pital in Chalatenango

Without a doubt one of the most wonderful places that we can find in our country is Cerro El Pital, which is considered the highest point of El Salvador with 2,730 meters above the sea level. This tourist destination is located in the municipality of San Ignacio in the Department of Chalatenango.

Cerro El Pital, Chalatenango

There are many tour operators that offer this service, for a value of $15 to $30 per person, depending on amenities that offer the trip to visit this place. If you choose this option simply you won’t have much of what worry rather than to be in time to where you need to meet to exit. Most leave from the malls in San Salvador.

There are also others who choose a little more adventure and decide to embark on the journey, either in your own vehicle or public transport. If you go by car you must well checked brakes since the ascent or descent towards the hill there are steep slopes. Preferably a four-wheel vehicle, although it is not essential.

How to get to Cerro El Pital?

If you travel by public transport to take the route of bus 119 from the East Terminal in San Salvador, and by the Carretera Troncal del Norte, travel to San Ignacio where then should address the 509 route until you reach the Rio Chiquito canton. This is a place of great trade of fruits and vegetables; here quite cold, makes a climate which we recommend to also carry clothing to keep warm.

After Rio Chiquito is five kilometers that you must walk, or you can also hire a pick-up which may charge between $25 and $30 journey to Cerro El Pital. This last option is recommended when you are travelling in groups.

To reach the Hill, you must cancel the input that costs $2 for adults and $1 for children. Coming to the main area you will find a green zone in which even can camp or visit some surrounding places; as for example el mojón (frontrera) which divides El Salvador from Honduras or also stone cracked, which is a place which is believed was a meteorioto who was silent, where no doubt you will leave all his adrenaline, and you have to cross a cliff through a tree trunk to a stunning viewpoint where you can see some places such as the municipality of Citalá and other populations of Honduras.

On the hill there is a dining room where you can eat typical dishes, can also carry your own food. If camping in this place it is recommended to wrap very well since the average temperature of Cerro El Pital is 12 degrees, and sometimes it has come to be close to zero degrees, so freeze the crops of the place.

Without a doubt we recommend you visit this place and live an unforgettable experience.

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