Cacaopera (Moraza­n)

Cacaopera is a municipality in the Department of Morazán in El Salvador that has remained present their indigenous heritage. Its name translates to place of cultivation of the cocoa language ulua or kakagoira. At present, the cultivation of cocoa has disappeared.

Cacaopera (Morazá­n)

Its economy is based on crops of cereals, sugarcane, tobacco and onions, cattle, pigs and poultry.

Cacaopera people are very friendly and the employees of the municipality may be kindly tourist sites to visit, as the majority of streets have no name. Intimate celebrations of festivals and ceremonies are a good reason to visit Cacaopera; the community has a hotel where visitors can stay.

It is common to hear greetings in the ulúa or kakagoira around Cacaopera indigenous language: tumalsino, which means good days; guana good afternoon; and host, good evening.

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