Cathedral of Santa Ana

Words fall short to describe the Cathedral of Santa Ana, this architectural gem that is a special place that keeps the culture and religion of a people. Immediately entering into his big Gates feels the peace, tranquility and harmony which can give you only a church full of Holiness.

Cathedral of Santa Ana

According to history, in the same place where now the imposing infrastructure meets Gothic style was located central city parish and was rebuilt between 1906 and 1913, but over the years followed the work of embellish it even more to make what is now.

The Cathedral of Santa Ana was declared as a national monument of El Salvador in 1995; so it is a structure of great value to Santa Ana and to our country.

This Cathedral is also part of the celebrations that the city lives all the July of each year, when they celebrate julias festivities in honor of the Nuestra Señora de Santa Ana.

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