The flower of Amate (legend)

The amate is a very large tree that provides a great shadow, grows a lot in the paddocks where there is also where are grindings of sugar cane and cattle. According to beliefs that have been passed down for generations in El Salvador, it is believed that the amate is a mysterious tree.

The flower of Amate

One of those beliefs precisely says that under the shade of this tree frightened at night, but the most popular is on amate flower, because only children and deaf people can see it, and only shown in the midnight and must catch with a white handkerchief, so that it does not disappear.

They have that when flower sprang, which was not every day, it should pick up soil or cut branch with a white handkerchief, wrap the flower gently, overlapping as four probes that are like a cross, but flower disappears and the luck is going.

Comments that you can capture your luck, it must fast all day and praying at midnight, the prayer of the righteous judge at the foot of the tree and if the flower one is happy and can make any wish, but this way can be good or bad, it all depends on the purpose that is made.

Amate tree has a trunk too coarse and poorly formed, has its sides so to speak, seems a lot of badly wound cables trunk, and secrecy is at 12 o’clock in the Crown of the tree is a white flower, which falls to the ground and the man who manages to take this flower has everything wants love , money and health, but to achieve this it must fight with the devil, who is the owner of the flower, they say that it is a fight to the death if the devil wins, this is the soul of the man.

It is said that the only ones who see bloom at any time of the year the tree, are the dumb because it is known that they will never say nothing of this flower that sprouts. This tree occurs in warm areas of El Salvador, for the most part.

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