Peñon of Cayaguanca

The Peñon of Cayaguanca is located in the municipality of San Ignacio in the Department of Chalatenango and is a tourist destination visited by many people because of the breathtaking views that can be seen from this location, with an elevation of 1,621 metres above the sea level. Note also that this place is shared between El Salvador and Honduras, since there are geographical boundaries that divide each of the countries.

El Peñón de Cayaguanca

Cayaguanca in Nahuatl means “stone that looks to the stars”, and in chorti means ‘water box’. Although this is a tourist place, also our ancestors watched it from low populations as Citalá.

The legend

According to an ancient legend, near worth inhabited an indigenous population. This population was ruled by a chieftain who possessed a strong temperament and had a daughter, who was coveted by many in the village including the warrior called Cayaguanca.

This Warrior had no riches but had been able to conquer the heart of the Princess, so it met unbeknown to his father. When the Chief learned of the relationship kept hidden, he ordered that they amarraran to Cayaguanca at the tip of the penalty and leave him to die of hunger and cold.

The tears of the Warrior were so many that they flooded the town and then solidified in rocks to cover it completely, turning it into what we now know as the Peñon of Cayaguanca.


There are many domestic tourists or foreigners who visit this place because of the tranquility that is, in addition to the beautiful scenery and fun that are accomplished in the walk. However, it is not easy to get to the top, so much strength and energy is required to make the journey that lasts about an hour and a half.

Arriving at the Summit is a huge rock in which there is a plateau from where you can see many hills, volcanoes, towns and rivers including some of Honduras. Here the wind blows very strong sometimes, so you can feel a great connection with nature.

Some tourists also perform adventure sports here such as rappelling or climb. However, although the Peñon of Cayaguanca is considered one of the most beautiful and visited our country places, hardly you can camp in it, since the soil is pure rock. Tourists must comply with stay only one day and make the most of the peace of mind that there can be.

How to get there

To visit this place, it is necessary to get to the municipality of San Ignacio, specifically in the Canton El Rosario. Three kilometers on a cobbled Street walk lasts about two hours, passing through a narrow path that serves as access to the stone.

San Ignacio is located in the Department of Chalatenango, near kilometer 81 of the Carretera Troncal del Norte, the bus route 119, which departs from the East Terminal in San Salvador.

More information

If you want more information on this site or want to visit it, you can contact the municipal office of St. Ignatius at Tel: 2352-9253, 2335-9320 or center of friends of the La Palma tourist at Tel: 2335-9076 email:

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