Club Deportivo FAS

C.D. FAS was founded on February 16, 1947, in the building, today ruins of the school of Arts and crafts which in better times, was an architectural beauty, thanks to the union of many people with a competitive spirit, as Don Manuel purse, Don Antonio García Barrera, Don Rafael Urey and the teachers Juan Antonio Santos and Ernesto Vega Mojica , with the support of Santaneca citizenship.

Club Deportivo FAS, Santa Ana

Initially the margay team was formed by the communion of the best players on the teams of the town Santaneca, among which are to Excelsior, the Olympic, the Iberia, “44”, 22 strong, etc.

To give name to the team held a contest among employees of don Ñaky Artiñano cosmos factory and players of the H13, Zarco River, some of the field Atlas and the winner was don Julio Castro who see the union of many players on different teams from the city of Santa Ana, decided to propose the name of “C.D. FAS” whose meaning is place associated players.

His first coach was Don Armando Chacon, a man of great charisma and with an outstanding sports career within our country.

C.D. FAS from his Foundation to date has achieved a record in terms of national championships with regard, 11 national crowns and once America runner-up, making that the most successful team of El Salvador, and one of the largest in Central America.

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