Constitution of El Salvador

The Constitution of El Salvador, also known as Constitution of the Republic of El Salvador, is a document of great importance for the country, since it supports national democracy and is also the place where you will find reflected what rights and duties as citizens, the State, its dependencies and its officials have.

Constitution of El Salvador


The first Constitution that governed in El Salvador and of which it has knowledge is used before the independence in the early 19th century, the Constitution was of Spanish origin, since at that time our country was under his control.

Once independence was, in 1823, the Assembly constituent of the provinces United in the Centre of America created the Bases of Federal Constitution, which governed in 1824 as a provisional Constitution. According to one of the articles of the Constitution, El Salvador issued its State Constitution’s June 12, 1824 and it was considered since then as a free and independent State, but always within the Central Federal Republic that was about to become. It was the first of the five new States which had its own Constitution.

The second Constitution was on February 18, 1841, when he desapareó the Central American Federation and El Salvador was established as an independent Republic. Though in the following years the Constitution had several reforms, never approved nor was announced officially.

The next was the Constitution of 1886 that remained in effect until the Constitution of 1939. Later in El Salvador was given a period of military dictatorships in which almost every rule you was removed from power by means of coup d’etats that did change the constitutions and was just as there were other constitutions as the 1950 to 1960 and from 1962 until 1979 when there was the last coup in El Salvador.

The Constitution of El Salvador currently used is on December 15, 1983, and which included the reforms approved in the period from 1991 to 1992, because of the peace accords in El Salvador.

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