Day of mother in El Salvador

According to the history in El Salvador, in the 20th century, the mother’s day was celebrated the second or third Sunday in the month of February. However, it was not until the year of 1983 to the then Assembly constituent of the Republic of El Salvador, (now Legislative Assembly) issued Legislative Decree number 205 date April 29, which was officially declared on 10 may as mother’s day; and says in its preamble:

  • The people of El Salvador recognizes the 10 may as mother’s day; and on that date pays special tribute of recognition and admiration to all mothers;
  • It is convenient to establish and officially recognize this custom, in order to gradually reassert the unity of the family and to rescue the moral values, as well as to pay tribute on the part of the public authorities not only to mothers but to Salvadoran women in general.

This Decree was published in the official journal number 80, volume 279 on May 02, 1983.

Day of mother in El Salvador

In the majority of households celebrate it in the following way:

Very early congratulates the mother and if you don’t live with it is called by phone; continuing the day sent a floral arrangement and then takes her to lunch or also asked food or make dinner at home and held in family, where it sometimes is from the vis Grandma, if you have, and then following the grandmother, the breast and sometimes mothers-in-law.

In school most public and some schools also celebrate them doing artistic acts with students and providing refreshments, raffles and arrangements for their children, etc.

Each family has its own form or customary to hold, in the end the goal is to please and make MOM feel well; though not only that day should be as well, but that all the day of the year to make the mother feel women more dear. And enjoy it as God allows us to keep it alive; Since there are many people who want to do it but you have not live, but they are not forgotten, also are going to leave an arrangement of flowers in the cemetery and share a time with soul, although not this in the presence.

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