History of the Carnaval de San Miguel

It was the year 1959 when then-Governor political departmental doctor Miguel Félix Charlaix gave life to which is now the largest celebration in Central America.

History of the Carnaval de San Miguel

Initially each neighborhood prepared their celebrations every day then culminating in the big party that was taking place in the more exclusive stores at the time as they were the Migueleño Casino, the society of employees of trade and the Eagle Sports Club.

The best and most famous orchestras of the era such as international Polio, Paquito Palaviccini and Barrientos Orchestra is to present to delight the miguelenos with their music.

It wasn’t until in 1961 the Carnaval de San Miguel obtained notoriety since on that occasion was attended by the President of the Republic of Guatemala, Miguel Fuentes. In addition, came the five Queens in Central America and also was in that year that the popular musical composition by Paquito Palaviccini, “Carnaval de San Miguel” is heard for the first time (“to laugh, to sing, to dance, to enjoy, to feel happiness there is no more place than San Miguel Carnival”…).

Since then, every year, San Miguel Carnival is celebrated at the end of November.

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