Day of the Dead in El Salvador

The Day of the Dead is a celebration throughout El Salvador. It is customary to go to the cemetery to pray and place flowers on the graves of loved ones who have died. Wreaths of natural flowers or paper are placed. It is also customary to place wreaths of cypress leaves for its pleasant aroma. The food usually consumed during this time is: Tamales (chicken or pork, sweet or savory) and squash cooked with brown sugar, honey called Squash in pieces.

The Day of the Dead in El Salvador

Traditionally in El Salvador, on November 2 commemorates the day of the Dead, and this particular day is used by people to buy flowers, painting, lime, brushes, achieved hoes, shovels and picks and family are addressed to the cemetery where are buried the nearest recently or several years of deceased relatives.

The Tombs of cement “chelean” with lime and crosses in white or other colors painted, letters tombstones repainted with gold, silver or dark colors using brushes, are decorated with paper flowers and dipped in melted beeswax to obtain a rough complexion and better withstand the elements, or cypress crown full of artificial or natural flowers.

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