Holidays in El Salvador

Holidays in El Salvador are days in which private and public (of Government) employees may have a day of rest. To do so is also reflected in the labour code of El Salvador that these days, employees may take them as rest and must be paid by their employers. Where employee works on a holiday, prior agreement, it must pay to double a normal day. This happens commonly in private companies engaged in the buying and selling of goods.

Holidays in El Salvador

Holidays of El Salvador are repeated every year and are considered the following dates:

  • January 1: New year
  • 17 April: Holy Thursday (date changes each year)
  • 18 April: Good Friday (date changes each year)
  • 19 April: Holy Saturday (date changes each year)
  • May 1: Labor day
  • May 7: Day of the soldier (only for military personnel from El Salvador)
  • May 10: Mother’s day
  • 17 June: (adopted from 2013) Father’s day
  • 22 June: Day of the teacher (for teachers)
  • 6 August: Day of the Divino Salvador del Mundo¬†(Patron Saint of the country)
  • September 15: Independence day
  • November 2: Day of the dead
  • November 25: Christmas

In addition to the above, there are also other holidays in El Salvador, which are regarded as public holidays holidays, these are the holidays of each place (municipalities).

It should be noted also that these holidays, Salvadorans take to visit relatives or for sightseeing tours of the country as the beaches.

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