Holy week in El Salvador

Holy week in el Salvador is a time special in every sense, is a time in which Salvadorans take to live a time of reflection, as well as to have fun and be with the family, either at home or visiting tourist in our country somewhere.

Holy week in El Salvador

We know some of the things that Salvadorans do this week.


In El Salvador the Easter lives with much religious fervor to commemorate the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus. In every church in the country attended by thousands of people to live a time of reflection, which is also accompanied by various traditions which are processions, where usually people carry candles as a sign of light.

One of the most important day is Friday, which also produced many carpet of salt or sawdust with Christian messages on the streets by which at night becomes the procession of the Holy burial. Holy Saturday night held a vigil, where turns on fire as a sign of hope that Jesus will rise again.


This week gets also used to prepare various dishes that are considered as typical of the era, especially those fruits that are made with sweet brown sugar, as for example Mango in honey, plums with honey, sweet potatoes in honey, bread in honey and torrejas. These dishes that have a sweet taste are accompanied with a simple beverage known as chilate.

Other dishes that can not miss also are made with dried fish, either fried or soup.


Tourism is also one of the things that are customarily do in Holy week in El Salvador, since also in this week there are some days of rest. In the case of public employees and students have a full week of vacation, and in the case of private employees rest from Thursday to Sunday from this week.

As a result the Salvadorans take advantage of to visit some tourist attractions with family and friends; among the most frequently visited places we could mention the beaches of El Salvador, which are filled with people looking to sunbathe and bathe. However others in spas or at recreation centers tourism private, also in mountains or camping. The day where there is greater influx of tourists the Sunday, since it is the last day of the holiday.

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