The national day of pupusas

By tradition in El Salvador, pupusas are the typical national dish that characterizes us. No Salvadoran who has not tried the pupusas, for such reason was taken well devote one day a year, named as the national day of pupusas in El Salvador.

The national day of pupusas

Since 2005, and by Legislative Decree, is yield assuming that pupusas are El Salvador national dish, on the basis of their indigenous origin and popular acceptance, (and) with the purpose of celebrating the membership of this culinary invention, to the culture of the Salvadoran people, declared that the second Sunday of the month of November of each year as “National day of pupusas”.

Olocuilta is a municipality famous for their pupusas. On this site there are places specialized in the elaboration of pupusas, which are called “pupusodromos”. Pupusas of various kinds can be found: cheese, fried, revolts, squash, beans with cheese (known as riots), mora, chipilin, shrimp, loca (a little bit of everything), among other varieties.

During the festivities of some peoples, and on the national day of pupusas, it is also customary to make contests of eating pupusas, which consist of competencies of people eating pupusas. The winner is who eat more.

Free spirit Salvadoran group composed years ago a song dedicated to pupusas: “to my I like pupusas with curtido and salsa of tomato, / to my pupusas like me, and have me a cup of coffee. / to my I like cheese, scrambled or fried.”

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