El Espino beach (Usulutan)

One of the most beautiful and popular of El Salvador beaches lies 36 kilometers from the city of Usulután. Beach El Espino is formed by a physical delta, which allows tourists to walk by several meters sea in without let the water reach the knees.

El Espino beach (Usulutan)

Its white sand and its extensive Beach, allows tourists to enjoy a stroll on the warm waters without fear of being dragged by strong waves to reach these gently and safely.

The locals say that the territorial extension of the beach is approximately 10 kilometers, and the wonderful thing is that all this territorial space a single stone allowing accidents to tourists are not.
Beach El Espino is located only one hour from the city of Usulután and just 21 km from the coastal highway, slightly forward El Transito, entering through the Canton of spring city. The road is not entirely perfect, since it has not been paved all the way but it is passable with light vehicles.

Arcos del Espino

If you want to take advantage of a weekend and enjoy this natural wonder, you can visit the hostel Arcos del Espino. This is a small recreation center which is located on the beach, col. Arcos del Espino, municipality of Jucuarán.

Here they can enjoy with his family of the benefits of mother nature in El Salvador, since only 100 metres from the place the white sands of the Pacific are waiting for you.

Arcos del Espino has 20 rooms with capacity for 4 people. Each room has its own bathroom and air conditioning system.

Facilities include a beautiful swimming-pool conditioned both for children and adults. In addition, Arcos has an area of restaurant where you can find delicious dishes with seafood and meat; or if you want to sandwiches and burgers for the little ones. Among other attractions offered by the beach El Espino, are the entrance of the Chepona, a beautiful space where inland waters meet the Pacific.

How to get there

If you are going by car, exit San Salvador using the motorway which leads to Comalapa. Follow it to merge onto the road that leads to the coast. Follow this until you reach the Department of Usulután; Once there find the departmental head. Arriving at the city search again the coastal road.

Out of Usulután, you will travel approximately 10 km. When you arrive at the detour will lead by a further 26 kilometres until you reach the beach El Espino.

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