Hacienda Los Dos Sauces

A place hacienda Los Dos Sauces to enjoy nature with the comforts of the city.

You can stay overnight in a cabin with all the comforts of the city, but in the midst of a property of more than 200 blocks on top of the mountains of el Pital; closed forests or plots with new natural varieties of pine trees, more than thirty eyes of water is the bottom where the cabins of the Hacienda Dos Sauces, located 100 kilometres from the Centre of San Salvador.

Hacienda Los Dos Sauces

Make no mistake, it is not a tourist project more in the developing area such as el Pital, in the municipality of San Ignacio, Chalatenango. In the likeness of a theater director, is the staging of an idea which seeks to combine caring for nature, seek profitability through timberlands and addition propel a tourist area where visitors enjoy not only the environment, educate on how to preserve it and above all rest in a natural environment, but with the comforts of modern life.

Arturo Bondanza is the person pushing the project, who years ago initiated the work, first recovering property and environmental wealth, which meant to replant more than three hundred thousand new trees that will bring you timber long-term benefits, in addition to preserving the environment, characterized in the area for having a climate cool, very cool, fresh air, besides having much water clean and crystalline.

In the property There are more than thirty water births, which are cared for with great care; closed, almost impenetrable forests where there are wild deer that still populate the area, are one of the riches of the “Hacienda Dos Sauces”.

For this pioneer and driver of the project, the important thing is the balance between man and nature; the first is the master, but the second thing is the fundamental habit to make that life will endure. There are animals, cows and sheep, but in numbers coolly studied so not “set” the soil; Similarly, over thirty “eyes water” have been natural, but maximizing their wealth through physical work where the cement, iron and pvc made its unobtrusive appearance, it tells Bondanza who usually attend directly to visitors who occupy one of the six cabins available to the project.

What is does?

Six cabins with two bedrooms with beds, dining room, sofa bed, kitchenette and bathroom for six people. More than two hundred blocks of forest, where you can walk by safe paths.Security, many security; only enter the place visitors who have reservations. Much fresh air, cool weather and fresh, crystal clear water.

Cost: $120 Excl. VAT per night, cabins with capacity for six person; $80 without taxes, in a bedroom for a maximum of 4 persons suites.

How to get?

The way is simple and safe; exit San Salvador to Chalatenango, on carretera Troncal del Norte; arriving at San Ignacio, take main street and follow it to el Pital until you reach the “Hacienda Dos Sauces”, in a place known as “Río Chiquito”. The tour is about 100 km, all paved and secure road.

Some details

Altitude of the property: 2200-2450 meters
Temperature: minimum 10 degrees, maximum 25 degrees
Project area: 200 apples
Trails: 3 km between closed forests.
Path: 16 km.

Information and reservation

Hacienda los dos sauces
3a Calle Poniente 1-2
Santa Tecla, El Salvador
Tels: 2228-0805
Fax : 2228-1051
Celular: 7871-5251, 7887-2647

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