Toma de Quezaltepeque

Quezaltepeque is a water park located to the Northwest of the city of Quezaltepeque in the liberty Department, located at a distance of 25 Km from the capital of San Salvador. This turicentro was inaugurated in July 1979, and is administered by the Salvadorian Institute of tourism (ISTU).

Toma de Quezaltepeque

The story that years ago this place was a water supply where villagers from different places came to drink water and also used it to bring it home, the absence at that time of a drinking water system. The inhabitants instead of saying “Let’s drink water”, simply said “We are going to Toma,” by which then depended on its name.

His name has different meanings in nahuatl: “Cerro mountains of quetzals” as well as “Beautiful city” or “Beautiful place”.

The leisure park has an area of 82 apples, counting with important natural potential since it sits on a blanket of lava or volcanic rock that serves as a recharging aquifer originating many aspects of water crystal that enabled the development of vegetation which only in this part of the country can be seen, as well as different species of insectivorous plants that exist in the workplace.

Quezaltepeque decision has two swimming pools for adults, a pool for children, a modern slide, an artificial lake, 48 family cabins, picnic areas, typical and traditional, local trails of fast food, football and basketball courts, ample parking, which is home to more than 250 vehicles and police security.

Water Park is open every day of the year, the cost of entry is US $1.00 adults, $3.00 USD foreign, children under 10 years old and people over 60 years of age are free. The light vehicle parking $1.00 USD, heavy vehicle $2.00 USD. Rental of cabins $4.00 USD. Rent of hammocks US $2.00. 4 chairs and a table $5.00 USD.

To reach this place by bus, you can approach the number 109 bus route, from the East Terminal in San Salvador; This route can address it front of the INDES and will make its way to Quezaltepeque, then you should take the route of bus urban 71 or alternatively you can take a motorcycle taxi that will take you direct to the destination.

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