El Tazumal

The ruins of El Tazumal are located in the city of Chalchuapa, 14 kilometers west of the city of Santa Ana. The traditions of this important Mayan settlement have been disappearing over the years. Forty years and older people remember that back in the 1960s, whenever the patron of Chalchuapa, in early August, were held there was a tradition called “Entradas”…

Ruins of El Tazumal, El Salvador

The custom was that each of the 20 municipalities that make up Chalchuapa entered the city with some very peculiar caravans… As well as carry the traditional images of the patterns of Chalchuapa, Santiago and San Roque, and advertise Rod rocket, entered with a series of characters – called as “escutcheons” – with costumes and masks very caricatured by mockery of the Spanish rulers in time the colony and even today’s politicians.

In addition, accompanied les music of stringed instruments, such as guitars, violins. This tradition was lost until the year before, when the House of culture began a work of rescue of the traditions of this legendary town. Last year two masquerades were performed and this year is expected to repeat the activity.

During the festivides people mockery are healthy people that govern them today be sure to attend. Men dress up voluptuous women, and up to the “beads” of people climbing it in the caravan… recreating a satire of social reality. “There are many people that qualifies this tradition as antics, but they don’t understand that it’s a tradition being rescued, a real mixture of the religious and popular”, indicates Rafael Salazar, Director of the House of the culture of Chalchuapa.

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