Elote loco (Crazy corn)

The Salvadoran crazy corn is one of those things that undoubtedly can not miss at fairs that are held in every town in our country. Its exquisite taste and the ingredients with which it is prepared give you that unique touch that everyone we love, and precisely the name of crazy corn comes from the mixture of ingredients.

Elote loco

However, also be prepared corn crazy at home, so it is necessary to count with corn, which can be found at low cost in domestic markets during its season, which is between the months of June and September.

The corn are sancochar, i.e. put to boil in a pot with water. You must have tusa, so taste them is perfect. Once cooked remove them the tusa and the addition of the following ingredients: sweet sauce, mayonnaise, mustard, black sauce. And finally covered with soft, grated hard cheese. With this we have a crazy corn.

Usually the cost of the crazy corn is $1.

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