Turicentro Los Chorros

The turicentro Los Chorros is probably one of the most beautiful places of our “Pulgarcito de America”, that combines nature with fun. The fun factor is that all tourists are looking when comes to El Salvador. The name of this grandiose turicentro comes by the existence of many births of water due to seepage of rainwater in the San Salvador volcano.

Turicentro Los Chorros, La Libertad

The births of crystalline water that has this full turicentro pools and also maintains a pleasant climate in the workplace. The great thing of these births of crystal clear water also, its volume being so strong, several cities feed on it.

The tourist centre Los Chorros is located 18 kilometers west of San Salvador and has a total area of 12 blocks. The jets was inaugurated and opened to the public in 1952, created thanks to the vision of Don Raúl Contreras. Don Raúl Contreras was an illustrious Salvadoran poet and is considered the father of the Turicentros. In addition, Los Chorros was opened in tribute to his great work as creator of the system of recreational centers in El Salvador.

The great thing of the jets, in addition to their natural environment and cool climate, is that it is easily accessible to tourists, both foreign and countrymen. The average time used to transport from San Salvador to this resort ranges from about 15 to 25 minutes. Arriving at that place, the tourist is surrounded by a magnificent natural landscape where you find beautiful swimming pool with natural water.

The Jets has a variety of leafy trees and sparse fauna in the area of the tourist center. The trees that are more abundant in the surroundings of the place are fruit trees, especially those of mango. In terms of fauna possessing the jets there are lot of parrots and torogoces, which are the major attraction for its majestic appearance.

Finally, another major attraction of the turicentro of Los Chorros is a very attractive corridor, such as the garden of poets. This is the favorite place for those who seek privacy in the tourist area, since it is one of the most peaceful places of the turicentro. The garden of the poets is also important because in it lie Memorial plaques to poets and most outstanding writers from El Salvador.

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