Day of the child in El Salvador

The day of the child in El Salvador is a national celebration that seeks to recognize the rights of the children of our country. Children’s day is celebrated every October 1, although the entire month of October activities dedicated to children. In other countries of the world children’s day is celebrated on dates different to ours.

Day of the child in El Salvador

In El Salvador the day of the child relates to a resolution of the Organization of the United Nations (UN), which adopted the Declaration of the rights of infants and in 1989, ratified the International Convention on the rights of the child, in 1959. Both events took place on November 20 and he was established as that day in which held international children’s day, but each country held it on a different date.

How is it celebrated the day of the child

On the day of the Salvadoran children various activities to bring joy to children and to pass an unforgettable day. Usually these celebrations are accustomed to be performed in schools where they are hosts with a party full of clowns, cake, Piñatas and food.

There are also other places where is held as in the hospitals (especially at Bloom Hospital, where children are met), municipal markets, national parks, and municipal authorities.

The neighboring country of Guatemala also celebrates the day of the child on October 1.

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