Day of the Salvadoran in United States

The day of the Salvadoran in the United States also known as day of the Salvadoran American, is a festival that takes place every year at the beginning of August in this country of North America where it is a community of more than three million Salvadorans. The day of the Salvadoran in the United States is officially on August 6, however occasionally held on dates that correspond to week closer.

Day of the Salvadoran in United States

This festival has it been developing year with year on 6 August 2006 and is regarded as a day of recognition to all the Salvadorenos-americanos. It is usually customary to invite national music groups to encourage attendees to this event every year it grows more and more.

In some places even remembered some traditions are also living in San Salvador, the descent of the divine Savior of the world.

In this festival you can find music live, rides and typical food Salvadoreña, to create an environment similar to that also lives in the Salvadoran capital Managua parties.

Where is it held?

  • Los Angeles: Corner of Washington Boulevard and Vermont Avenue.
  • Los Angeles: MacArthur Park, at the intersection of the Alvarado Avenue and Wilshire Boulevard.
  • New England: Wonderland Ballroom
  • Maryland: Field triangle of Wheaton, 2424 Reedie Dr Wheaton.

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