Ichanmichen water park

One of the alternatives for fun and entertainment in the Centre of the country is the Ichanmichen water park, located in the municipality of Zacatecoluca, La Paz Department. The place is very accessible from San Salvador, and their accesses are streets in good condition, whether to take the road by the coastal road or old.

Ichanmichen water park

The name of the place comes from the composition of the roots of the Nahuatl Cha: cave, den, abode; Mich: fish; In, Cin: diminutive, small, so it translates as “The abode of the fishes” or “Cave of the little fish”.

This recreation centre that was recently remodeled, is open for the recreation of the Salvadorans since 1956, providing services of swimming pools for adults and 7 children, ponds, picnic areas, cabins family vestideros, football and basketball, picnic and parking area.

With the renovations carried out other attractions has been added as expansive playground which includes a water slide.

Other attractions

As part of the improvements, the place has areas green and extensive gardens. In addition, Ichanmichen has a birth water of low flow and a forest rich in fruit trees and shade.

But the pools are not the only attraction that has Ichanmichen, since the area has an enormous tourist potential that is awaiting for the arrival of visitors. The location of the Park within the urban limits of the city of Zacatecoluca, in addition to the conditions of your infrastructure, makes it an ideal base to meet the needs of local tourism.

Added to the attractions of the place, in a RADIUS no greater than 20 km are located the villages of indigenous roots known as “the Nonualcos”, natural salty forests, beaches of white sand, ideal for the practice of sports and navigation, Jiboa and Lempa, rivers several colonial churches rich in its interior, the Chinchontepec volcano, mount the opossum and populations with tradition in the production of leather and bamboo handicrafts , as well as in the manufacture of sweets fair.

Ichanmichen waiting for you so you can enjoy a moment of fun in a friendly atmosphere.

How to get?

Ichanmichen water park is located in the canton Penitente Abajo, Zacatecoluca, La Paz Department, only 56 km east of San Salvador.

To get, you can take the coastal, CA-2, road or the route known as “old street” until you reach Zacatecoluca, hence, the pathway is signposted. If going by bus must address the route 133 in the South Terminal (in San Marcos) and on the road that goes to the Recreation Center, take route 92.

The cost of general admission is $1. If you are in a vehicle you must pay $0.69 for the parking and rental cabins has a value of $4.00.

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