Turicentro Agua Fria

The turicentro Agua Fría, is located in the city of Chalatenango, was opened in March 1977.

Next to the tourist center, there is a river and a pond called cold water, the water from that river reaches temperatures averaging around 25 ° C. Hence comes the name of the destination and hence is extracted water for the tourist. Since his inauguration, cold water has been run by the ISTU (Salvadoran Institute of tourism) along with other ten Comando of the country. It has an area of 42 acres, of which two form the amusement park and whose income has a cost. The rest is surrounded by a teak forest ideal for walks or breaks, free of charge.

The tourist center has three pools: an Olympic swimming pool with an island in the Center containing an aquatic fungus with a slide, and two deslizaderos; In addition to a family pool and one for children. It also has a parking lot with capacity for 45 vehicles, a ranch or restaurant where you can enjoy various dishes, a multipurpose room for all kinds of activities and family reunions, 12 kiosks, area picnic, dressing rooms and toilets for both sexes. And in the part of the forest, there is a large football field.

It is located on the edge of the urban area of the city of Chalatenango, on the Barrio El Calvario, 78 km from San Salvador.

The cost of the entrance to the tourist center is dollar for the public in general, older adults and children are free. It is open every day of the year from 8 am to 4 pm.

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