Los Naranjos

On this occasion, you will be surprised to read about a place that can be described as magical, at the time of visit. One of El Salvador’s largest natural attractions, is the area of Los Naranjos.

Located between the departments of Santa Ana and Sonsonate, can be accessed easily through the popular Ruta de las Flores. On the journey you will experience fresh in the area, through a climate blessed by the altitude of the terrain.

Los Naranjos, Sonsonate, El Salvador

Another benefit is the contact with nature, colouring the surroundings of a tourist spot that over time has acquired a great boom for the various options of entertainment that offers of vivid hues.

Either a day trip or planning a longer stay, you can sit from a wide variety of restaurants and hotels where you can enjoy typical food, drinks large and special culinary surprises that will make you want to stay.

Another aspect that you can take advantage of this town is its geographical position that brings you closer to various towns that are to his around such as (Sonsonate) Juayua, Ataco (Ahuachapán), Apaneca (Ahuachapán) or Salcoatitan (Sonsonate).

Within this path, can also participate in cultural attractions that are organized at the local park and the trails of one of the most important fruits within the history of El Salvador: coffee. This has managed to position the country among the top of the prestigious specialized both nationally and internationally, one of them being the cup of excellence. But, in addition to pamper your palate with a delicious steaming cup of Premium coffee in the area, you can meet many types of flora and specifically admire la Orquídea, characteristic of cold climates.

In the afternoons, you can let yourself be enveloped by the icy and pleasant mist which descends by the green mountains that run through the place, where you can sit to rest or reflect a peaceful area and without much pollution.

For lovers of flowers, this will be a paradise that will enjoy to admire or buy one of the many varieties of natural life as fruit trees, ornamental plants and cacti including nurseries colorful pub on the edge of the highway.

As you’ll making you way along the road you will find viewpoints specialized in those who will appreciate the Green Sea which is formed with coffee plantations. Here you will have the opportunity to take pictures, enjoy family time or simply admire the imposing beauty of this natural area.

From October to January, Los Naranjos increases its influx of visitors since the temperatures tend to be a bit lower than the rest of the year. In addition, many tourists are interested in the process of collection and treatment of coffee, since multiple crop farms surround the area. For this reason, this season is ideal to observe through a guided tour, the entire preparation: cutting, cleaning, roasting, grinding and storage of grain at the local benefits.

In terms of taste, you can find small snacks like sweets, place fruit, sweet, among other varied options. Using the traditional styles of the national cuisine, no shortage of dishes like pupusas, Yucca with chicharron, chuco and atol de elote.

If you make a stop at crafts stores, you’ll be surprised to find manual labor in art life-impregnated with their colors and shapes. Elements such as clay, wood and clay are the essential raw material for the creation of the famous ‘casitas’ such as pots, Indian and other unique pieces. But, you will not only find products decorative and ornamental, also you can buy a bag of “Lady”, which are typical long biscuits drenched bitumen and sugar.

For the little ones there are multiple choices of fun outdoor activities, both in the public areas and in the private areas of restaurants and hotels that have rides and other attractions to make your visit a good memory.

Trips to the oranges on weekends tend to be quiet, because the place is used by families in all the departments of El Salvador to get away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the freshness, harmony with nature and pure air that feels in the place. On weekdays, the influx is slightly lower because the normal work of agriculture, livestock, Goldsmith and others are carried out.

If you access this cultural and tourist route from San Salvador, the road trip lasts approximately two hours via the CA-1 route, deviating in the section that leads to the Sonsonate, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the view of the volcano of Izalco and Santa Ana in step.

On the other hand, if you visit from Santa Ana trip is reduced to an hour, offering you the freshness of the area and large landscapes that become an invitation to miss more time enjoying the natural beauty at its best.

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