Nuestra Señora de Santa Ana

Legend has it that one night… went 8 Indians walking with a heavy load on lonely roads, until they reach their destination: Sihuatehuacán.

Upon arrival, she is situated in the Centre of the village square, and defeated by tiredness, sleep. At dawn, they try to return to the day, following its path, but for some reason bulk carrying could not be booted floor, was as “stuck” to it. Even it is said that several people tried to help them, but were unable to lift it.

Santa Ana

Finally, the afternoon, people gathered around the bulk decides to inspect their contents… With a mixture of anxiety, curiosity and fear… discover inside of the bundle a beautiful and unknown image… a Virgin of eyes brown, accompanied by a sweet girl. His lips sprang up the only thing that ever said and who became Patron Saint of the place: “Lady Santa Ana”.

Exactly is not known precisely what time settled the cult to the Lady of Santa Ana, but estimated that it was in 1569, when changing the name to the village of Sihuatehuacán by Santa Ana.

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