Salvadoran Panes rellenos

Panes rellenos are one of the most delicious and more prepared in Salvadoran cuisine dishes. Its exquisite taste has made it become a small recipe that is transmitted from generation to generation, especially for the ease that required them.

Salvadoran Panes rellenos

To make stuffed breads is required first of all prepare the chicken. Cooking with sauce of tomato, vegetables and seasonings until it is boiling. This is the part that requires a little more work.

Then you need bread French, which is makes a small hole on the side of the Center lengthwise, place there ingredients. First bread spread with a little pepinesa or mustard and add lettuce, cucumber, tomato, cooked beets and finally add the chicken meat with sauce prepared at the beginning.

You can also buy already prepared in the main markets of the country. Its cost is usually $1 per unit.

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