Day of the student in El Salvador

The day of the student in El Salvador or student in El Salvador’s day, is celebrated every July 25 and is a very special time for the work of students who play in our country. However, the origin of this celebration is part of a story that very few people know about.

Day of the student in El Salvador

The origin of this date is due to a small who risked his life to save his two nephews. We are talking about Anita Alvarado, a 16-year-old girl born in Cojutepeque, Cuscatlan on July 25, 1927, who offered his life on April 4, 1943, was unleashed when a fire in the House where took care of two nephews, one of six months and another two years to those who managed to rescue. However, she suffered severe burns, which died two days later.

Due to this heroic event, the Assembly decreed that every July 25 outside known as day of the student in El Salvador, thus commemorating the birth of Anita. There is a school that bears his name in Cojutepeque.

This day is celebrated in the schools of the country while treating students and their day.

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