When is the day of the father in El Salvador?

The father in El Salvador’s day is celebrated on June 17. It is one of the few countries that celebrate it on a fixed day, since in most countries of the world held the third Sunday of the month. Father’s day is a national celebration which recognizes the efforts of parents bring up their children and offer them a better future.

Day of the father in El Salvador

Despite not being a celebration so popular as mother’s day, father’s day usually held in several places as in schools where is preparing a special day full artistic events, gifts, surprises and it makes them a lunch or snack to pamper them. These acts generally are made a day earlier, i.e. June 16, so own celebration day parents can be at home and to be congratulated for their children.

The day of the father in El Salvador is a paid holiday; due to a legislative decree approved in the year 2012; which entered into force in 2013 (the first rest of father’s day was on June 17, 2013).

This day is to acknowledge the effort of all those Salvadoran men who have struggled to bring up their children; some parents because of the economic situation have had to emigrate to the United States, in order to help the family economically.

From here we send an affectionate greeting to Salvadoran parents in their day.

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