The just judge of the night (legend)

Just judge the night is one of the legends of El Salvador more known that has been transmitted from generation to generation to alert those who tend to go out at night. According to ancient accounts, this character is a ghost that often appear to those who tend to walk through rural areas late at night.

The just judge of the night (legend)

Those who have seen him say that he is a man with Hat, dress entirely in black, sitting on a horse of the same color in your hand holding a rein or a loop to punish those who is on his way. His stature is quite high and some mention has no head, instead only observed a column of smoke. He is a wandering man and in the places he passes wind moves violently the branches of the trees.

People who have been surprised by his presence, say return advised to return to their homes, as the righteous judge of the night says that night belongs only to him. He is also that on more than one occasion, showing as a watchdog of the order, has whipped to any unwary by way of reprimand for having no case of orders of not going out at night.

The just judge of the night belongs to the folklore of El Salvador, and its origin seems to go back to the time of Spanish colonization, when it was necessary to keep quiet at night and chase away the dangers of it.

The territory where deambulada making his abrupt appearances was limited to the then small nation new address of Spain, El Salvador; his spirit is limited only to rural areas; the encounter of the obstacles of people during the nights, they described as a ghost of few words, I was only asking and repreguntaba, if it considered it convenient.

Indeed, it was all a judge, own discretion, was justice in its own way, took care of those workers and decent people honest, disturbance of the lazy, lazy, drones, vicious, criminals, at the end of the guardians of the evil spirit. As “just judge”. It was left and right after analyzing the night transgression, punishment: to hit the lashes. The settlers was subjected to its rules, forced to be obeyed and respected.

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