El Cuco Beach

El Cuco Beach Tourism

El Cuco beach is located at in Eastern El Salvador, specifically in the Department of San Miguel and is an ideal place to spend a day of complete rest beach. family and disconnect from all hustle and bustle of the ...

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San Diego Beach

San Diego Beach Tourism

San Diego Beach is located in the port of La Libertad, in the Department of La Libertad in El Salvador. This is a wide beach that has more than 7 kilometers (4.35 miles) extension, making it ideal for sports such ...

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Las Flores Beach

Las Flores Beach Tourism

Las Flores beach is located near El Cuco, in the Department of San Miguel, El Salvador, just two hours East of San Salvador airport. This beach offers a tropical, warm and pleasant atmosphere to enjoy in family in a different ...

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El Palmarcito Beach

El Palmarcito Beach Tourism

El Palmarcito beach is located in the Department of La Libertad in El Salvador, taking the detour to the right at km 51 and 1/2 of the highway CA-2 (on the coast). El Palmarcito is a beach that has excellent conditions ...

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El Sunzal Beach

El Sunzal Beach Tourism

El Sunzal beach is located in kilometer 44 and middle of the road to the coast, in the Department of La Libertad in El Salvador. El Sunzal forms part of the complex of beaches where surfers gather to practice this ...

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El Majahual Beach

El Majahual Beach Tourism

El Majahual beach is one of the most visited in El Salvador, especially in the holiday season, is located in the Department of La Libertad. Since it is located in an area very close to the capital (at 34 kilometers ...

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